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  • Driving Tuition in Gloucestershire
  • Pass Plus in Cirencester
  • Driving Tuition in Cirencester
  • Pass Plus in Gloucestershire
  • Driving Lessons in Gloucestershire
  • Driving Lessons in Cirencester

Aiden Green

13 - Nov - 2013

Offering all driving tuition to pupils in and around Cirencester.


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In the UK people take somewhere between 30-40 hours to learn to drive and be ready to take their test.

People learn in different ways and different speeds which is why I tailor my instruction to your individual needs.

Consider the quality of tuition, whether it is truly one-to-one suited to your needs when looking at the cost of driving lessons.

The cheapest hourly rate is not necessarily the best deal overall! Below are my standard prices but these can change at short notice, so it is far better to contact me directly.

FREE home visit/assessment

I provide a free, no obligation, home visit. At this meeting I will be happy to explain to you and any other family members how I work and what services I provide. If this would be of interest please give me a call or leave a message via the 'contact me' details submission form and I will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable date and time.

Standard tuition services offered:

1 hour driving lesson - £30
Please note if you live in an area where I need to travel a long distance I may require you to book a 2 hour lesson. Please contact me for more details.

10 hours of lessons booked and paid for in advance - £280 (save £20)
Depending on the distance to travel each lesson will be 1 hour or 2 hours.

Pass Plus Course 6hrs - £150

  1. Town driving
  2. All weather driving
  3. Rural roads
  4. Night driving
  5. Dual carriageway
  6. Motorways

You can take this course any time within 12 months of passing your test. Not only does it build upon your existing skills but it can save you money when insuring your car.

Motorway lessons - £54
2 hours for those who have passed their test and now wish to learn how to drive on motorways safely and correctly.

Refresher course - Price variable depending on no. of hours required
Hours variable for those who have passed a test but not driven for a while and for whatever reason feel they would benefit from updating their skills.


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